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Cowabunga!: Oh well


Leading two black belt tests tomorrow (for those going towards 1st and then for 2nd/3rd degree). It’s gonna be a real long day. It bothers me how much a test of this magnitude has been tarnished as of late to have become more of a business deal than of a final physical, mental, and spiritual…

I couldnt agree more, some of the people I see achieve black belt and beyond, it makes me sick to see the one of the first virtues we stand for [integrity] is being lost in the money hungry battle to just simply survive in the World today.

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paanz asked: Hi, my name's Farhan.. We are trying to organize Martial Arts Festival here in Malaysia. Can I use ur pics for blogs, promotion n other stuffs??

Thats fine, thanks for asking, but I don’t own any of the pics on here. Good luck.

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HEY ALL. I’m looking for some people to help me run this blog, as my time is limited and all I really do is reblog other people even though I know there is heaps of awesome stuff out there on the internet, I just don’t have time to compile it all.

If you think you’re up to the challenge. Click HERE.